4G Solar PTZ Solar Security Camera

are you concerned about the safety of your property?

No worries!  A 4G solar camera offers off-grid operation, powered by solar energy for continuous surveillance without relying on conventional power sources. This reduces costs, simplifies installation, and ensures 24/7 monitoring even in remote locations. With 4G connectivity, users can remotely access live video feeds, providing flexibility and real-time surveillance capabilities. The PTZ functionality allows for versatile coverage and detailed focus as needed. Additionally, it’s environmentally sustainable, enhances security, and can be scaled up for larger areas or properties, making it an efficient solution for remote surveillance needs.


How Does it Works?

1. Solar energy no need to charge

 Connect the camera to the solar panel and it will get uninterrupted power all day and night. You can easily place weather resistant solar panels to maximize exposure to sunlight. 

2. Multiple installation method

Multiple installation methods for a 4G  solar PTZ camera include integrated setups, where the camera is mounted with a solar panel for self -sustained power, and extended installation which may involve boosting the 4G signal and considering factors like weatherproofing and security. 

3. 4G Remote Monitoring

4G remote monitoring function of a solar PTZ camera allows users to view live video, 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent helpful questions and answers

Solar panels generate electricity, stored in batteries for continuous operation. The camera connects to the internet via 4G, enabling remote access to live video feeds and control over camera movements.

  • Solar-powered, 4G connectivity, PTZ functionality, motion detection, weatherproof design, night vision, and two-way audio.
  • Common applications include construction site monitoring, remote surveillance, wildlife observation, border security, agricultural monitoring, and temporary event surveillance.

Mount the camera in a suitable location with sunlight exposure, follow manufacturer instructions for setup, including connecting to the 4G network, and configuring settings for remote access.

Yes, remote access to live video feeds and recorded footage is possible via a mobile app or web portal, using stable internet co


  • Yes, many cameras offer compatibility with third-party security systems, allowing seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

Manufacturers implement security measures like encryption, secure authentication, and firmware updates to prevent hacking. Following best practices for network security is recommended.

  • The camera is built to withstand rain, snow, wind, dust, and extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable operation in diverse environments.

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Two way audio

The 4G solar PTZ camera features two-way audio for seamless communication. Built-in microphones capture sound while speakers enable real-time interaction. Users can listen and speak through the camera via the remote monitoring platform, enhancing situational awareness and responsiveness for security and management purposes.

Solar Powered Outdoor Sensors

Integrating a full HD camera and dual LED lighting, it automatically lights up and records when a human body is detected to meet monitoring and lighting needs. 

Weather Proof


The weatherproof 4G solar PTZ camera boasts robust protection against the elements, ensuring reliable performance in various outdoor conditions. They can handle rain, snow, and very hot or cold temperatures. 

Technical Details

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